"Venture Capital is about capturing the value between the startup phase and the public company phase"

- Fred Wilson


Financial Capital

New Avenue Capital provides angel investments for early-stage ventures & growth startup companies. Commonly as a second round of financing, filling the gap between F&F and venture capital. This entry level financing bears extremely high risk and requires a high hurdle rate of investment.

New Avenue Capital will invest in operating companies with a proven, viable, operational stage business with a successful track record. Our investment strategies support businesses with financing as their business grows. We build and attract companies with strong fundamentals, competitive positions, attractive growth prospects, and superior management teams. We maximize the value of the companies we work with.

Private Lending is broken down into two divisions – Real Estate & Technology:

Real Estate Lending:
Our subsidiary TPO Mortgage Corp assists clients with real estate backed private lending when conventional financing is not an option. If you have equity in your properties, we can provide quick and easy access to financing that falls outside of the banks’ lending guidelines.

     -  Residential Mortgages
     -  Land Development & Construction
     -  Land Acquisition
     -  Commercial Mortgages
     -  Equity Take Out
     -  Debt Consolidation
     -  Foreclosure Prevention
     -  Refinancing
     -  New Purchases

Technology Lending:
Have a grant or repayments occurring in your company but you need the capital now? We finance against a variety of grants.

New Avenue Capital is an equity based lender when loans are secured by the borrower. The collateral property must have substantial equity or generate sufficient income; income producing assets are favored. Loan value is determined by the secured asset value and revenue stream.


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